Rizki Yudi pradipta Yudi pradipta pradipta, diah ratu sari


v>This study aims to examine law enforcement carried out by the Indonesian National Police bytaking the case of the fraudulent investment of Edinar Coin Cash as a case study to see theimplementation of law enforcement practices in Indonesia. This research was conductedusing a normative juridical approach until finally it resulted in the conclusion that thesuspect Abdulrahman Yusuf and his colleagues had been proven to have carried out apyramid scheme as regulated in Law Number 7 of 2014 concerning Trade. For these actions,the Police have carried out law enforcement in the form of summoning and examiningsuspects, witnesses, and opening a complaint post to the public who are victims in this case.Against victims, law enforcement can be carried out by providing material compensation tovictims who have suffered losses. This thesis uses 66 sources in the period from 1973 to 2022.The results of this study, legal protection that can be given to victims in the form of the rightto file a report to the police as regulated in Article 108 of the Criminal Procedure Code, theright to obtain compensation as regulated in Article 7A paragraph (1) of Law Number 31 of 2014 concerning Protection of Witnesses and Victims, as well as people who are victims canreport the actions of the perpetrators to the Investment Alert Task Force for furtherinvestigation. Also, because the offense that ensnared fraudulent investment actors in theEDCCash case is a common offense, the general public who are not victims in this case canalso provide assistance to the police in the form of information that can help the police touncover this case.Keywords: Law Enforcement, Police, Edinar Coin Cash, pyramid scheme


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